We are experts.

Our many years' experience and consistent striving for perfection make us experts of choice in the market. Customers and partners value our knowledge and viewpoint. Ompex's independence enables us to act in the market without conflicts of interest and to express an honest and open opinion to the authorities and the press.

We are sustainable

Ompex's products and services motivate our customers to sustainably optimise their energy consumption. This means they can in future focus more intensively on the short-term, fluctuating production, e.g. from wind or solar energy. We are actively promoting the shift from fossil electricity generation to renewable energies and support our customers in this way with innovative solutions. In our personal surroundings we act in a manner that is conscious of the environment and the climate. As part of our corporate mission, we are committed to various social areas and support selected institutions by means of our donations.

We are innovative.

Ompex is the first independent energy service provider to play an active part in the European energy market. The fact that we have neither tied customers nor holdings in power stations makes us independent. We generate added value for our customers exclusively via solutions which prove to be innovative and profitable. The central success factor of our owner-run company is its mix of staff: highly qualified engineers, economists, natural scientists and financial specialists work closely together to develop effective solutions to complex requirements, making Ompex one of the most innovative market participants in Central Europe.