Ompex – We are sustainability

The sustainable use of energy is one of the greatest challenges of our age. We embrace this challenge and are committed to an environmentally, economically and societally sustainable future.

Ompex spirit

When Ompex first launched an internal sustainability project a few years ago, it was a little-noticed sideshow. It lacked the spirit and dynamism that we are used to from energy trading and from cooperation with our business partners. Only when we realised that we had to tackle the task together did the endeavour slowly gain momentum. We formed teams that have since been working on different sustainability subtasks. By involving a large part of our staff, the project became a common endeavour, which was to become the cornerstone of our success.

We live sustainability

Sustainability challenge

In order to determine the footprint of our own trading, we started to systematically record the climate-damaging emissions we cause. Ompex’s carbon emissions are recorded, as are the emissions in the private sphere of its employees, including their families. Consideration of our footprint even led to a little internal business rivalry. Employees make suggestions for more sustainable actions on the notice board in the break room. In fact, many of these suggestions have already been implemented. Since then, our coffee beans have been organically sourced and are delivered in reusable 5kg containers. Complete digitalisation of accounting means we have drastically reduced paper consumption. We are of course aware that there is still potential, especially in big items such as mobility and comfort heating.

Support of climate projects

In order to contribute to a sustainable society, Ompex supports various sustainability projects in the areas of climate protection, the environment and recycling. Ompex’s goal is a cross-company undertaking, which is why Ompex offers employees the opportunity to participate in the projects. The contributions made privately by employees are doubled by Ompex.

Sustainability portfolio

Since 2018, Ompex has been making financial contributions to various sustainability projects. Employee involvement is an important element in consolidating the concept of sustainability within the company. Selecting the projects to be supported is therefore a team effort and is refined from year to year. Diversification of the proposed projects means that different aspects of a sustainable, environmental future can be covered.

Ompex’s sustainability portfolio currently consists of the following projects:

  • Oberallmeindkorporation Schwyz
  • MoorFuture
  • CarboCert
  • Investments in our own photovoltaic systems

Ompex assessment criteria


Can the measure be understood in terms of content?

Are the project developers transparent and credible?


How effectively does the measure reduce electricity consumption/CO₂ emissions?


Does the measure bring a long-term perspective?


How well does the measure fit into Ompex’s goals and philosophy?

Can a link to the project be established?


What is the cost/benefit ratio of this measure?


How big is the regional effect of this measure? Ompex prefers to support local projects.


Will the measure be accepted by society or are conflicts to be expected during implementation?


Can the measure be used to promote a promising solution for the future?

Oberallmeindkorporation Schwyz

Ompex supports Oberallmeindkorporation Schwyz. The aim of this project is to use the forest as a CO₂ sink in addition to the existing sustainable management and thus contribute to climate protection. To this end, the average timber stock will be increased from 280 to 300 m³/ha within 30 years in a controlled manner. Financing is provided through the sale of CO₂ certificates for voluntary carbon offsetting measures. Thanks to adapted management, other forest functions such as protection against natural hazards, timber production and biodiversity conservation are promoted.

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Ompex supports the MoorFutures climate protection project in Schleswig-Holstein and thus also contributes to the preservation of a world worth living in for future generations. Drained moorland has been renatured on part of the Königsmoor. As a result of the rewetting, carbon can no longer escape and the formation of CO₂ is prevented. The project is refinanced by selling certificates.

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CarboCert promotes the regeneration of soil, water, biodiversity and the climate by building up humus. CarboCert deliberately focuses on native soils and native agriculture. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. At the same time, they offset CO₂ from the atmosphere by building up carbon in the soil. To this end, CarboCert already works with hundreds of farmers from Germany and Switzerland who together cultivate well over 10,000 ha of land. You can find the current figures on their website.

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