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Strategies for changes in the electricity and gas market

With the right tools and the right strategy, you can offer your customers a needs-based supply that is geared towards the future and takes the current high demands of the volatile energy markets into account in the best possible way. Proven methods – such as direct wholesale market access and short-term optimization on the spot, intraday and balancing energy markets – can be intelligently combined with new digital offerings. Geopolitical, economic and technological influences also have an impact on pricing on the energy markets: These include regulatory adjustments as well as new forms of energy generation and production.

Ompex supports your company by profitably harnessing the opportunities provided by wide-ranging changes on the energy markets.

Our solutions

Dynamic gas market

Since its deregulation, the dynamism of the gas market has also gained considerable momentum. A large number of traders operate on the newly developed spot and futures markets. As a gas supplier, you need the right tools and instruments to be able to offer your customers optimally personalised services.

With direct access to the wholesale market, active short-term optimization of your gas portfolio and new digital solutions, we make your company fit for the future.

Do you have any questions about the gas market? We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact our relevant contact person directly and without obligation.
Daniel Germann

Managing challenges perfectly.

Your challenge: The perfect time for energy procurement

Increased volatility on the energy markets means that the right timing is becoming a success factor. Digital developments on the markets are also increasing transparency. But even though almost everything is done online, you need to be able to take decisions, e.g. to realise prices close to the market and to time a transaction correctly. Are you wondering where market prices are heading and whether today is a better time to buy electricity and gas than tomorrow or next year? Put your trust in our long-term price forecasts: You will receive invaluable input for confident decision-making.

Strengthen your delivery capabilities.

Do your customers want to know for how many years they will be transacting with you? Whether prices will fall or rise in the future? Show them the advantages of budget certainty and when it makes sense to wait for a possible price correction. Our Ompex team will help you give the right answers. In this way you will gain the trust of your electricity and gas customers and strengthen your position as a long-term energy supplier. With our intelligent services and products, such as a dynamic hedging model against rising market prices, you can fulfil the needs of your customers.

For information on efficient and cost-effective energy procurement, please contact us directly:
Dominik Wipfli

Our services for you

  • Direct access to the wholesale market
  • Professional market observation in real time
  • Meaningful procurement and portfolio management manual
  • Modern, risk-diversified and secure procurement strategy
  • Comprehensive, interactive online reporting
  • Supplementary tools such as price curves, market reports, valuation tools

Our procurement solutions

  • Click & Trade online
  • Professional and successful portfolio management over many years
  • Procurement and portfolio management manuals and strategy workshops
  • Real-time observation
  • Optimized futures trading based on our fundamental models
  • Online reporting and procurement tools

Your challenge: Electricity and gas distribution with added value

Your distribution profits from the competitive prices of your electricity and gas products. But that’s not all. How can you retain customers in the long term?

Competition is becoming fiercer and margins tighter – smart electricity and gas products and services will enable you to offer your customers real added value. Perfectly tailored to your needs, you can get started immediately with Ompex’s standardised tools and instruments. Or you can opt for white label packages that we design individually for your company.

Bespoke electricity and gas distribution

Our distribution solutions

  • White label market reports
  • Online reporting tools for SMEs and key accounts (also as white label)
  • Online reporting tools for the distribution and procurement side
  • Online tools for on-site customer meetings
  • Online customer contracts
  • Interfaces from distribution to electricity/gas trading

Invaluable Market Access & Optimization

  • Physical settlement of all energy transactions (integrated energy logistics for electricity and gas)
  • Access to exchanges in various countries
  • Intraday and day-after transactions
  • Transit transactions
  • Optimizations in the short-term area
  • Long- and short-term price analyses and forecasts